Advanced Recovery

Advanced Recovery and Winching







Learn how to recover yourself in sand, mud and steep inclines etc..

The course covers an overview of principals of safe recovery, recovery equipment and practical sessions.

  • Pull strap
  • Kinetic strap
  • Extension of straps
  • Winching – angle and double line
  • Airbags/high-lift jacks
  • Sand ladders/mats
  • Tyre repair

Weekend special: advanced recovery &Winching& 2 nights fully catered at Stoney Ridge bush camp: R3000 for the driver

Fully Catered Camp Costs

Adults: R595 per person per night

Children Under 12: R295 per child per night

Children Under 7: R190 per child per night

Children Under 2: no charge (please bring along their special needs/foods –dinners are sometimes served later.

These prices include all meals, teas, coffees and snacks.

We will need to know if you have any special dietary requirements in advance.

The beds are made up with sheets, blankets and a pillow.

Please bring Torches and Towels

Camp Site Costs

Camp site: R150 per site per night for 2 people

Additional Adults: R75 per person per night

Children under12: R30 per child per night

Children under 2: No charge

Should you wish to join the Bush camp for meals, this can be arranged, provided meals are reserved and paid for in advance and the bush camp is occupied/running.

Please note that all prices EXCLUDE VAT.